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Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage

Rid of Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are caused by damage to the skin, pregnancy, weight gain, genetics, growth, and anything causing rapid stretching to the skin. Many people have tried countless products and medical spa lasers to remove stretch marks, and the results are minimal, or they leave unsatisfied. A Brazilian tattoo artist has introduced a groundbreaking, easier, and more effective solution that Gena Bradley has learned and now offers at AAhsome Salon in Rancho Cucamonga, CA! Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage is a technique that is a closely guarded secret. Rodolpho Torres, of São Paulo, Brazil, uses the same toned ink as your skin to hide the stretch marks. The National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance has approved the ink. Each mixture is custom blended to the client's skin. Once the skin has healed, the skin will feel and appear smoother and blended back to its original tone before the stretch marks appeared. After the initial ninety days, feel free to sunbathe as you please without having the risk of hyperpigmentation. This technique has found its way to Gena Bradley where she has learned and perfected Brazilian Stretch Mark Camouflage that brings beautiful results to all clients, without having to book a flight to Brazil! With only a few people in the United States knowing this technique, Gena Bradley is one of them and is proud to offer this unique service to her clientele.